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titanium exchanger/ tank
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titanium reactor
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Special Customized:

All of our reactor are specially made as per customer's request, you could advise below parameter , then we will send you accurate quotation with related drawing:

1. Working volume

2. Working Temperature

3. Working Pressure

4. Reactor Material / contacting components material

5. With the agitator or mixer or not,  and the Mixing Speed

6. With heating device or not.

7. Your other requests

With above information, we will come back to you with special designing just for you.

Features of Titanium Reactor:

Titanium Reactor is specially used for corrosive experiment. Titanium is kind of an active element, but it’s easy to get deactivation, the deactivation layer is more stable, so it’s widely used in high corrosive reaction.

Titanium material has higher strength, better heat-resisting, great corrosive-proof and stronger fracture toughness effect. It have advantage of low density, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, can stand both high temperature and low temperature in strong acid or alkalinity condition. Thus the Titanium Reactor has longer usage life, and spends less in maintenance.


Specifications and Technical Parameters


GSH 1~10L

GSH 10~20,000L




Working pressure(MPa)

Negative pressure -0.1~20

Negative pressure -0.1~9.8

Working temperature(°C)



Stirring speed(r/min)



Motor power(KW)



Heating power(KW)



Heating type

Electric heating, steam, water recycling or thermal oil through jacket by constant temperature slot

Charging type

Charging from above, discharging from bottom.


Adopt self-lubricating wear-resistant sleeve, suitable for mixing various media.

Stirring type

Anchor-type, frame-type, blade-type, turbine-type, scraper-type or modular-type.

Seal type

Magnetic seal, mechanical seal, packing seal and gasket seal.


General DC motor, DC servomotor or according to the customers’ requirements.

Main material

Pure Titanium Material

Cladding Titanium Material with Stainless Steel Material

Liner with Titanium Material

Opening port of conventional kettle lid

Gas port and liquid port with needle valve, Bottom insert tube for sampling or gas inserting, Solid charging port with flange or visual glass, Measuring and controlling temperature port with platinum resistance, Security blasting port with safety device and Pressure gauge, as well as cooling coil inlet and outlet inside the reactor with tap.

Controller Device

Equipped with automatic or programmed PID or PLC and explosion-proof device, can achieve:

Temperature display and control, accuracy ± 1  (or ±0.1 );

Mixing Speed display and control;

Pressure display and control;

Level display and control;

Flow display and control;

Valve open/close control, etc.

Other Accessories

We can design and manufacture various reactors as per customer’s request. If user have other special requirements on kettle cover, kettle body opening, internal structure, stirring paddle, and other supporting device (such as condensate return unit, constant feeding tank, receiver, condenser, etc.), we can help customer to achieve their request, can also equip necessary instruments as request.

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