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titanium anode/MMO
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Titanium anode / MMO
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Titanium Anode/ Titanium MMO


Gr1 GR2 titanium based


Iridium-Tantalum, Ruthenium-Iridium, Ruthenium-Iridium-Titanium,Platinum,Ruthenium oxide, Iridium oxide as coating


Sand blasting, Acid washing and Brush coating


According to customers’ drawing

Shape of base material

Sheet, pipe, rod, wire and mesh


1.Current density≤2000A/m2

2.PH 0.1-14

3.Max content of fluoride ion is 200PPM


Salt water/ Saline solution/Brine/Sea water


1.Improved resistance for oxygen/chlorine mixed evolution
2.Range of compositions for various duties available 
3.Improved resistance in acidic media
4.Low wear rate


1. High corrosion resisting 

2 .High current efficiency 

3. Long working life 

4. High current density 

5. Light-weight 

6. Stable operating voltage 

7. The base material can be reused 


1. Water (Brine and Sea water) Treatment. 

2. Chemical, Paper, Petro-Chemical and Fertilizer Industries. 

3. Textile Industries. 

4. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Industries.

5. Metal Finishing, Electro Plating, Semi Conductors and PCB Industries. 

6. Chemical Industries. 

7. Chlore-Alkali & Desalination application.

8. Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

Quality Guarantee 
(1) Main quality indicators: chemical composition, mechanical property, tolerance.
(2) With advanced technology & equipment, abundant experiences and skilled workers,we process
      titanium material in accordance with the International standard.
(3)With our own R&D, Production, Processing and Sales system, we always struggling to supply
     the products with the most excellent quality and the most favorable price and the best service.
(4)The original Mill Test Certificate is available to be attached to the delivery.

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